200 Surrealist Paintings 2008 - 2017 2017

200 Surrealist style paintings , acrylic on canvas . Lucien Simon paints in full colour with a limited palette mixing subtle blends and tones with rich vibrant hues. His works are truly original, interesting thought provoking and forever intriguing. His inspiration comes from Nuts, bolts, screws, glass, and rocks, all typically incorporated in his sculptures. Imaginative ideas continue to freely flow from his love of deserts, clouds , beaches, mountains, water, insects flowers and just about everything else included in his daily life and activities ! Lucien's passion for life and creativity and thirst for experimenting and playing seems to grow stronger on moment to moment basis! Some how he manages to get an exciting fraction of his life down in these truly wonderful one-off original paintings.

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200 Surrealist Paintings 2008 - 2017 NO.970 DATED 2017 BY LUCIEN SIMON
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