Born in London, England, Lucien Simon is a versatile artist creating original scupltural works in glass, metal and stone, and colourful abstract and surreal paintings on wood and canvas. He feels he is best expressed in his creations, where his thoughts, emotions, inspiration and ideas are all cogently evident. 

Artworks can speak a thousand words, for more than this, you are warmly invited to speak to Lucien directly. 

TERMS: Strictly cash with order.
Lucien Simon accepts most forms of payment including all major currencies, cheques, travellers cheques, bills, credit cards, Letters of Credit, bank transfers, payment orders, international money orders, gold bullion, excessively precious stones, and of course, bank notes new or used.

Refunds are not given as a rule, in rare cases a credit note is possible. Please be sure before you commit and buy!
Easy ways to pay: